On the Issues

Control Spending

Scott will go to Austin to prevent runaway spending, ensuring our state budget is lean. He knows our families are struggling in the current recession to live within their means, and government must live by the same principle. Scott will fight higher taxes, eliminate wasteful spending and bring our conservative, North Texas values to the Capitol.

Enforce Our International Border

As someone who risked his life to enforce a no-fly zone in the Balkans, Scott knows the vital importance of putting manpower and technology on our border to secure our state. He will prioritize border security, stopping the flow of drugs, weapons and illegal aliens that come across our border at risk to our safety and security.

Invest in the Tools of Self-Sufficiency

Scott recognizes the vital role education plays in developing the workforce of the future. He wants to direct more education dollars to the classroom in support of teachers and students. He believes high standards are instrumental to better results. He will support a greater focus on subjects vital to the 21st Century workforce, such as math, science and engineering. And he will ensure the state invests more in trade schools and two-year degree programs that ensure good wages for more workers.

Protect Life

Scott believes in the sanctity of life, and feels strongly that innocent, unborn children should be protected. He opposes abortion, and believes we should promote alternatives such as adoption so more teen mothers choose life. He will vote in every instance to protect innocent human life from conception until the final breath.

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